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Do not be confused anymore, this food is rich in vitamins for weight gain

Children's weight-enhancing vitamins can be easily obtained from eating fruits, vegetables and other types of food. Vitamin intake is very useful in meeting the nutritional needs of children who are underweight. Meanwhile, vitamin supplements should be given based on doctor's advice. Giving vitamins is often known as supplementation, this is not entirely wrong, but it needs to be understood that vitamin intake is actually found in a variety of natural sources with various benefits. Food intake containing vitamins will facilitate the absorption of iron and other nutrients, so that it can also affect a child's appetite. Various Vitamins Needed Experts recommend that adequate intake of vitamins A, C, and D in order to support the growth and weight of children. The good news, the source of this vitamin can be obtained quite easily from consuming vegetables and fruits. The following are vitamin weight-enhancing children that can be obtained from food and beverage sources:
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Check Information about Chicken Skin Here

Who is not tempted by chicken skin? One part of this chicken can arouse appetite and increase appetite for anyone who eats it. However, is it safe to consume chicken skin for your health? Many people who like to eat chicken and its processed meat. Meat is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals in your diet. Almost all parts found in a chicken can be eaten, including chicken skin. Dangers of too much consumption of chicken skin Various processed chicken is able to spoil your tongue, ranging from chicken satay, fried chicken, curry chicken, chicken nuggets, and others. The part of the chicken that you can treat is not only the meat, but also the head, claws, neck and chicken skin. Although delicious, chicken skin has 132 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams. In addition, chicken skin also contains a total of 43.99 grams of fat. How much saturated fat and cholesterol you get in chicken meat depends on whether you remove the chicken skin, and which part of the chicken y

Defecation Pain During Menstruation, Beware of Endometriosis Symptoms

Sick defecation is a symptom that indicates a certain number of conditions. However, painful bowel movements that often occur during menstruation should be watched as a symptom of endometriosis. A number of health conditions associated with painful bowel movements include constipation, anal fissure, irritable bowel syndrome or other conditions such as kidney infections to colon cancer and colorectal cancer (colon and rectum). Abdominal Wall Growth Abnormalities One of the causes of painful bowel movements during menstruation in women is endometriosis. Endometriosis is an abnormality in the growth of the lining in the uterus (endometrium) that is outside its proper place. Endometriosis sufferers are generally experienced by women aged 25-40 years. The cause of endometriosis is not known with certainty, but is known to be related to heredity, hormonal changes, and side effects of pelvic surgery. In addition to painful bowel movements, endometriosis sufferers will experience a vari

This Causes Defecation Not Smoothly and How To Prevent It

Defecation is not smooth, often known as constipation or constipation. This is a common condition that can affect people of all ages. If you experience it, it means you cannot defecate regularly or you cannot empty your intestines properly. Constipation can also cause your stools to become hard, large, or even small. The severity of defecation does not vary smoothly from person to person, many experience in a short time, but some are long-term conditions. This is the reason for defecation is not smooth Having a bowel movement is not smooth indicating that your bowel movements become heavy or weak. Bowel movements in each person is different and very varied. There are some people who defecate three times a day, but there are also some who defecate once or twice a week. Some things that cause bowel movements are not smooth, including: Lifestyle and food menu Poor diet and an inactive lifestyle are the most common causes of defecation. Lack of exercise and eating too much fas

Bloody bowel movements can be a sign of serious disease

Bloody bowel movements cannot be taken lightly. This can be a sign of a serious problem related to one's health. The amount of blood in the stool can vary. Ranging from very little and can only be known by a special examination or look on the tissue when cleaning, to stool that is dark, even blood red. Some health conditions that may cause bloody bowel movements include: Esophageal problems Tearing that occurs in the esophagus can cause bleeding. This might also trigger bloody bowel movements. Gastritis Inflammation in the stomach due to excess stomach acid production, over time can cause bleeding in the stomach, can even cause damage to the stomach lining, causing injury or known as peptic ulcers. Colitis Inflammation that occurs in the large intestine and rectum can cause a person to have diarrhea with feces mixed with blood. Generally the blood contained in feces comes from inflammation in the intestinal wall. Diverticulosis Is the formation of diverticula, which